• We develop world-class products

  • In skincare, haircare, men's grooming, and more...
  • Quality Ingredients, Beautiful Packaging

  • All Made with Love in Los Angeles

We develop world-class products

In skincare, haircare, men's grooming, and more...

Quality Ingredients, Beautiful Packaging

All Made with Love in Los Angeles


3rd + Fairfax Beauty

Inspired by the historic farmer’s market of Los Angeles, 3rd + Fairfax is the crossroads of modern beauty and nature’s bounty. Natural ingredients cleanse, hydrate and beautify. 

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Maya Mari Hair Care. Multicultural Hair care. Multi-textural hair care. Love. Your. Hair.

Maya Mari - Love. Your. Hair.

Maya Mari is the answer to the growing need for multi-textural and multicultural hair care. Created with premium ingredients to be effective on textured, chemically treated, and damaged hair.

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Abbot Kinney Apothecary For Men

Crafted in Los Angeles, Abbot Kinney Apothecary aims to simplify men's routines by offering multi-use products for face, body, and hair, all with amazing scents.

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BH Dermcenter Skincare

BH Dermcenter provides exceptional clinically-derived skincare products to help consumers fight the signs of aging using the latest in skincare technology available today.

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A fresh approach to personal care. Our line of body washes, body lotions, hand lotions and hand washes have been developed to soothe the senses and make the body feel good.


Frankie & Paisley Pet Products

Frankie & Paisley Pet Products bring craft grooming products to pet lovers around the world. Our unique formulas will keep your furry friends looking good and smelling even better.

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Abbot Kinney Apothecary Tea Tree 3in1 Wash

Winning over a skeptic

I am a pretty basic dude.
I don't often even try something like this that seems to be targeted to the manscape crowd.
But my daughter requested it for me. So, I gave it a try.
First... I don't know what "Tea tree" is supposed to smell like. But this smells something close to pine scent mixed with mint and maybe some licorice. Not a fru-fru, feminine smell like I had feared.
It must have some mint or menthol in it, as it made my scalp tingle a bit.
As a soap it did a good job of getting me clean without drying out my skin. And it did a pretty good job cleaning my hair, but leaving it soft.
Overall, I didn't expect to be impressed at all, but I am.

Gear Report on September 27, 2020

BH Dermcener Collagen and Squalane Serum

My face seems much softer in touch and appearance.

I like this serum quite a bit. More than others I've tried. My skin is not oily or dry but when I use this my face seems to immediately want to absorb it.

I've noticed that my face is very soft and smooth since using this. There really isn't an offensive smell that I can tell. My face hasn't reacted poorly to this. I would say that the overall appearance of my skin and face have improved. Everything appears to have just softened. I guess even appears fuller. It's hard for me to tell for sure. What it looks like is my face LOOKS softer, not just feels softer. So lines and such are softer. I'm not an expert on these kinds of things, but it has made me happier with my appearance.

Jacqueline Thomas on September 17, 2020